İbrahim Öker

Graduate Instructor (University of Minnesota)

o POL 3477, Political Economy of Development, Summer 2022

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Department of Political Science, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA

o POL 1054, Politics Around the World, Fall 2021

o POL 3739, Politics of Race, Class, and Ethnicity, Fall 2020

o POL 4447W, Russian Politics, Spring 2020

o POL 3489W, Citizens, Consumers, and Corporations, Fall 2019

o POL 4461W, European Government and Politics, Spring 2019

o POL 1001, American Democracy in a Changing World, Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant -Department of Political Science, Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey

o SPS 101, Introduction to Politics I, Fall 2013

o SPS 102, Introduction to Politics II, Spring and Summer 2014